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An Indian who has been residing abroad for more than one year can bring jewelry in his baggage under duty-free limit. The malls of Dubai enjoy the magnetic power to seduce tourists with infinite international brands, large aquariums, ski rinks, etc. Each year, the malls of Dubai are one of the destinations of tour buses and are noted on the city’s tourism brochures. Constructions are a part and parcel of Dubai tourism. Earlier when tourism was at its pinnacle, malls used every trick on the earth to attract customers, right from ski slopes to aquariums. While recession had slapped hard the malls of Dubai, local shopping has comparatively remained unaffected as it shapes the basics of living. Every year, the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place from December to February. According to property consultants, vacancies in mall existed at 15 to 30 percent until the second quarter of this year, with no new mall planned until 2014. The locals of Dubai and UAE who are determined on their favorite malls now need a shopping space that is close to their homes/office space and will help them complete their daily routine. The Dubai Mall, a part of Burj Khalifa complex is rated as the world’s largest shopping mall based on the total area.

Hotels in Dubai could try out their hand at organizing an innovative sightseeing tour of construction projects as a part of vacation packages. Dubai has turned out to be the safest place for market contenders in the rescue of manufacturers. No. car rental dubai airport Mall Rewards Programme is open to everyone, regardless of where you are based in the world. If you have opted for Dubai holidays you do not need to worry about any more as you are at the perfect place. In fact, they have already inked two of them. Cost for two – AED 275 for two people (approx.)Google review – Visit there every weekend. The mega-malls attract thrifty customers who Visit Dubai from neighboring GCC countries as well as abroad. The Beauty Wonderland opened on 28th June and we just can’t wait to visit. Recently the city has got honoured by the inauguration of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Last but not the least some of the very best world’s hotels are located here. Fortunately, there are solutions that make finding business professional clothing for Dubai’s expat working women easier and more convenient. Despite of having the reputation of a tourist paradise, Dubai is also known as a busy business hub.

Having multiple locations in Dubai, Morelli’s Gelato sells the best quality, and the most original Italian ice cream one can ask for. There are no natural waterfalls in Dubai, so this one is a great substitute if you were hoping to see some! Many more major airlines offer daily / weekly flights to Dubai, on top of this, they do offer discounts during the peak season. Their passport is hijacked and the men are sent to work like horses in desert temperatures of 55°, which we tourists find torturing or perhaps a milder word – the off season. “The opening of our fifth outlet in the UAE elevates the brand as a doorstep dining destination for an even greater number of UAE residents and tourists across the country. The centre plays host to 635 retailers and attracts over 750,000 visitors every week, making it also the world’s most popular shopping and leisure destination. Complete Dubai news information & guide including arts & culture, things to do, restaurants openings, food, bars, hotels reviews and offers, weather, jobs, malls, shopping and … Are there vegetarian and vegan options available at Indian restaurants in Dubai?

If you are interested in Dubai holidays for this coming year break, you will have the best of time. They have an unlimited pure vegetarian menu for their customers. Kids can be kept entertained with colouring packs and a separate menu with smaller bites. You can indulge in their Gilafi Seekh, Prawn Xacuti, Daal Maharani and Lamb Chop Biryani. Through their well established networks they guarantee that they will ship them cheaper than the department stores themselves can do! A popular tourist attraction, the stalls, and stores sell paintings, souvenirs, sculptures and design houses among others. Like the building, the park’s design was based on the flower of the Hymenocallis, a desert plant. For other architects and designers, the building’s design serves as inspiration and guidance for their projects. Your jaw is on the floor before you’ve even stepped inside at Wafi Mall, with a facade of obelisks, towering Egyptian statues and a central pyramid giving more than a clue to the decorative inspiration.

Even at the Dubai Mall, everyone is wearing a mask trying desperately to hide their fears. How many floors is the tallest building in Dubai? The building is 828 meters high and is the tallest men made structure in the entire world. The islands of Palm Jumeirah and Dubai World are the peak of innovation. Even the five and seven-star Dubai hotels are covering themselves up to save their face especially when tourists are showing their back to unkempt rooms and impoverished services. As much as you love your partner, save your affections for some other time rather than in public places. With places like these, Dubai has rightly become the centre of attention from the tourists of whole world. However, there are some issues that need deep introspection from tourists and expats before sealing the fate of Dubai as the “ideal city”. The presence of almost all renowned brands has made this city an expensive one. One can also witness the beautiful man made islands in this amazing city. 2. Skiing: In the Ice Skating Rink in Dubai Mall, visitors can participate in skiing, and have fun with real snow.

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